Free shipping for up to 3kg continue by 1 December.

Free shipping for up to 3kg continue by 1 December.


You get the same product from the same store but with a better price and a cashback to use later for buying any item with HyBuys.

Using “HyBuy it” service:

  •  You get your products with a better price․

  • You save time on the purchase and tracking of multiple items from different shops․

  •  Items, sold only to the holders of the EU-issued bank cards, become available for you․

  • You free yourself from the hustle of getting along with customer support of each shop.

From any EU country that ships packages to Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Place your product’s link in the respective field and press “HyBuy it” button.

  • Fill in the required information, such as the quantity, color, size of the product, and add a comment, if needed, for example, for indicating an available promo-code and pay for the auto-discounted price. Note, that while filling in the information you’ll need to indicate the product price and the shipping fee, as shown on the website. 

  • Follow this link and perform the actions simultaneously․

  • That’s it!!! Then, enjoy your time until the package arrives.

You are free to use Visa card, Mastercard.

The reasons might vary։ maybe you had left the payment page blank for too long, or there had been an interruption of the internet connection or others. Please, check the reason first with your bank, and, if everything is ok with the bank, contact us for checking on our end. Meanwhile, you are free to change the payment method and place the order.

HyBuys doesn’t charge any delivery fees as long as HyBuys provides only purchasing/selling services. You just need to choose the postal courier service to which we will transfer your package to deliver to your country․ However you are always required to pay for the delivery from the online shop to our warehouse if there is such fee.

Cancellation is subject to many factors, depending on the shop policies. Generally, you will be able to cancel your order if the products haven’t been processed by HyBuys or if the shop hasn’t shipped them yet. If cancellation is possible you will get the full amount refunded within 5 business days, and the cashback balance will be recalculated.

Return is a subject of shop policies. If the shop accepts return you should cover the costs related to the return shipping from your destination to our warehouse and to the shop. Note that the package should be delivered to the shop by the end of the return period which may vary from shop to shop.

HyBuys doesn’t own or store any products. We buy and resell your chosen item and hand it to your preferred courier right away. This allows us not to keep in stock items and offer you discount and cashback on a wider range of products instead.

You will get a notification on every status change of your order. However, if the package is delivered by a third party, you will need to follow their instructions to check for package status updates.

Shipping time and cost from Germany to your destination country is subject to service terms offered by your preferred postal courier, while the shipping time from the online store to our warehouse and its cost are listed on their website.

  • In order to use our services, you need to indicate a preferred postal courier for delivery and indicate the identification code on our website, such as the address 2, unit address, etc. 

  • You are always eligible to make changes on this information from your personal details page.

  • In order to change the delivery address, please go to the settings of your personal page and edit the information. 

Note, that it is not possible to change the address of an already placed order․

You will need to login to your account and go to the settings

Yes, your personal data is protected according to the Privacy Policy.

Stores that are involved in fraudulent transactions, or are suspected of it, or cause significant customer dissatisfaction are blocked for using through our service.