Free shipping for up to 3kg continue by 1 December.

Free shipping for up to 3kg continue by 1 December.

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Get your items in Armenia
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What is Cashback?

The word itself comes from English and can be translated as "(cash) refund". This system helps customers save cash on every online purchase. Whether it's fashion and cosmetics, household, garden or electronics, for everything you order online, as a HYBUYS user you will receive a part of your order back.
The exact amount you receive depends on the amount of your order and the current cashback rate at participating stores. Normally you always get a certain percentage of your purchases back to your account instantly. With us you can decide what you want to do with your cashback.


This is how it works !


We automatically credit your account with cashback for all your online purchases. Every time you are redirected to one of our partner stores via our cashback portal, we receive a commission from which you also benefit. We pay you back a large percentage of the commission. You either get this as cash or leave it on your account to redeem it directly at your next purchase.


Everything is uncomplicated !


We automatically know how much we owe you! You do the shopping, we do the rest. A part of our commission is kept to pay our bills and staff. You get the rest. Therefore, as a cashback provider, we can offer you our services absolutely free of charge.


What is behind it ?


When you access a store through Hybuys, a cookie is set in your browser. This cookie contains the retailer's information and identifies us as a partner.
The retailer's website uses cookies to recognize that you have visited the website through us. We serve as an intermediary in this process. You store as usual in the merchant's online store and the products are automatically assigned to us.




  • To save even more money, watch out for our promotions and discounts!
  • Combine promotions and discounts exclusively from our website, so you can safely combine them with cashback.
  • Before you participate in a promotion, it is recommended that you delete old cookies. This will allow us to reliably track your purchase so that you can enjoy the stated discount on the promotion page in the end.
  • Certain items may be excluded from a discount. Before participating in a promotion, please always read the cashback terms and conditions of the provider. You can find them on the respective promotion page.

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