Restricted products

Alcoholic drinks
Perfumes (more than 200 ml)
Explosive, flammable, chemicals
Medicines, prescriptions drugs, hemp products
Weapons, ammunition
Electronic cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars
Documents (passport, ID, etc.), currency, foreign currency, securities (including lottery tickets), cheques; platinum, gold or silver, precious stones; jewels; or other valuable articles
Animals (leather, fur, etc.), plants
Radioactive supplies, battery
Pictures (representing cultural value)
Perishable food
Explosives of any kind including fireworks and detonating fuses
Gases such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas lighters, and aerosol cans
Flammables; both solids and liquids
Toxic and infectious items such as pesticides
Biological products and waste such as medical waste, or dangerous pathogens
Items that could be dangerous to public health