Free shipping for up to 3kg continue by 1 December.

Free shipping for up to 3kg continue by 1 December.


HyBuys is an official member of the German Chamber of Commerce with over 17 years of experience in e-Commerce businesses. We form the bridge between consumers in Armenia and German online stores.

The benefits of buying through HyBuy:

  • Lower prices

  • Safe shopping

  • Delivery arrangements

  • Zero fees

Consumers living outside the European Union shouldn’t pay the exact cost per item as those living in Germany; the income differs, and so does the pricing, but many people don’t know about that. Price reduction is possible through a discount-cashback, HyBuy as a registered entity can get from German suppliers.

Anyone living outside EU can use HyBuys to enjoy shopping from Germany. You can order anything available on the German online market, and we’ll buy the items for you at a lower price. Furthermore, we’ll handle the shipping from Germany to your city on your behalf having exclusive cooperation with Globbing. All you have to do is receive the orders without worrying about anything.

Anyone can access German online stores and place orders. Still, our added value is the price offers we can get for our client’s selected items utilizing our tight relationships with leading online stores in Germany. 

To put that in other words, buy from Germany at your local prices!